Order delays during Covid-19

Thank you once again to all those who ordered and supported my little shop!

Since May 11, orders begin to be processed. As a small shop, each product is produced and manufactured on demand and therefore requires production time. Depending on the items, the production time can be longer or shorter (from 1 to 25 business days)

Good news is that many packages are already on the road. However, due to the health situation, transit and delivery times can be extended (several weeks)

I wish I could speed up the delivery process but the current situation invites us to be patient 😊

I know this isn't what you guys are used to, so I'm grateful for your patience and your support in a small business store.

Some good news is, I now have more time to focus on some exciting designs / products I previously simply didn't have time for.

Stay tuned for more additions to our collection!
Thanks again, and, most importantly, stay safe.

For all info regarding shipping/return please check this page

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